As a lawyer specialising on criminal law, the founder of the law firm, Frank M. Peter, followed a specialisation in criminal law from the beginning.


In addition to general criminal law the range of fields on which we defend include cybercrime and narcotics criminal law.


The focus of our law office is on financial and white collar crime and tax offences.


The main focus of business criminal law is on  tax crimes and tax-related administrative offences, assets criminal law, corruption criminal law, insolvency criminal law and competition criminal law, patent criminal law and trademark criminal law.


Founding partner and specialized criminal defense lawyer Frank M. Peter is well-regarded in his field, as evidenced by numerous accolades and awards for example:

-Top Criminal Law Lawyer 2020 - Focus News Magazine
-White Collar Crime Firm of the Year 2019 - Lawyer Monthly Magazine
-White Collar Crime Lawyer of the Year 2018 - Finance Monthly Magazine
-Criminal Law Firm of the Year 2016 Germany - Finance Monthly Magazine


If you or someone you know has been accused or arrested (maybe on the Airport Frankfurt), you will need an experienced, and knowledgable diverse lawyer on your side who speaks your language.


We are based in Frankfurt (city centre) and Darmstadt (city centre) and Düsseldorf (Airport).


If you or one of your family members or friends need help please contact us anytime via Phone or E-Mail:


0049 69 80907787






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